• Background

    It is felt necessary that the tribals should be extensively involved at all stages of development process starting...

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  • Scope and Coverage

    The Special Development Council (SDC) has been established in nine tribal dominated districts namely Gajapati Kandhamal Keonjhar Koraput Malkangiri Mayurbhanj Nowrangapur Rayagada Sundergarh...

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Chairperson's Desk

Aims and Objectives

The Council will take up with the following objectives:

  • Conservation of tribal culture aligned with development objectives
  • Propagation of tribal culture for retaining tribal identity
  • Recognition of the indigenous knowledge system of the Tribals and its promotion to help support retention of tribal culture
  • Documentation of tangible and intangible tribal culture, tradition and practices
  • Identification of tribal resources and making the indigenous knowledge/unique culture as a means of livelihood
  • Organization of exposure visits on the range of development issues
  • Promotion of tribal languages and dialects for developmental communication
  • Optimal utilization of available resources in tribal areas resulting in sustainable tribal development as per the felt needs of Tribals.
  • Area/culture specific development interventions, which will address the felt needs of the Tribals.

Cultural Festivals

Tribal festivals have religious origins and entwines cultural and...

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Culture Clubs

Culture clubs are envisioned to be the center for processes of...

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Dance Costumes

Traditional Tribal dance costumes turnout to have gained more...

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Exposure Visits

Exposure visit of tribals contributes to change in their world view...

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Language Lexicons

Preparation of lexicons of 21 tribal languages is a small but...

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Musical Instruments

Music and Dance connect the tribal communities directly from the...

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Promotion of Sports

Sports and games are leisure and recreation activities enjoyable,...

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Sacred Groves

Sacred groves are reflections of indigenousness, traditions and...

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Skill Development Training

Skills are never taught they are acquired. Importance given to skill...

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SLAU Inauguration