Culture clubs are envisioned to be the center for processes of socialisation; promote youth personality in games, recreations, trditional wisdom, skills, leadership and culture sensitive individuals and group behavious towards restoring tribal cultural heritage.

In tribal cultural heritage, dormitory traditions occupied a very significant place. Dormitories are communal living space for the youth of many tribes in Odisha. This space is meant to help members of the tribes learn skills like hunting and crafting, recreational and aesthetic activities like dance and music, oral transmission of knowledge like folklore and traditional wisdom. The dormitories create a sense of community and help ensure the longevity of the tribe and its culture.

The most important social institution in the tribal social organization is youth dormitory. These organizations are found in almost every tribe and their social life is centred around it. Dormitories might have been created to segregate the genders, so the males and females did not have access to each other. The life in the dormitory is based on certain traditions and customs which are invariably followed by all the members. The head of the dormitory is selected from the senior group. It is his job to take care of all the members of the dormitory and maintain discipline among them. The juniors follow the commands of the seniors and receive different types of education from them.

Tribes and dormitory tradition

With the passage of time, youth clubs and Mahila Mandals have taken over the dormitory systems in tribal areas. Thus, in order to preserve tribal culture, the construction of Culture clubs at Gram Panchayat level has been planned and expedited by SDC. Culture clubs are' intended to revive the tribal traditions within the given social milieu and inculcate in each individual the indigenous culture through games, recreation, (music, dance, poetry, rhyming), folktales, fables, fantasies, concept of their world where their origin, emergence, spread and standard, value orientation etc. are dictated, belief systems, and facilitate oral transmission of traditional wisdom.

Tribes and dormitory tradition

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